hotel “Vinnitsa”
Birthday of the city
September 9 Vinnitsa will celebrate the 654th birthday of the city. On Sobornaya Street,residents can travel
through time and return to he history of the city from the 14th century onwards and look to the future, listen
to music from classics to jazz.
In the Square Heavenly hundreds of residents will be able to experience themselves as an actor of cinematic
tapes, on the European Square the will already be the 3rd festival "Vinnichane have talents" with the
participation of talented children and stellar Vinnichans. And near the Summer Theater everyone can get master
 classes from Elena Shoptenko and champions in the Argentine tango of Mikhail Lysenko and Natalia Pervushina. 
In the evening on Stus Square on the Day of the Vinnytsya town, the favorite of women Oleg Vinnik and the group 
"Another river" and "The HARDKISS" will greet.