hotel “Vinnitsa”

         Nicholas church tomb NI Pirogov is part of the National Museum-Estate. After the death of NI Pirogov (5 December 1881) the scientist’s body was embalmed Petersburg

      Vinnytsia State Academic Music and Drama Theatre. NK Sadovsky – theater company working in Vinnitsa (Ukraine). The building of the theater belongs to territorial community of Vinnitsa region,

  The deputies of the City Council of Vinnitsa in November 2013 decided to rename the street Grushevskogo Square to the European Square.   So the decision they wanted to

In the square is a symbol Kozitsky Vinnitsa – Water Tower or Tower. Its height is about 28 meters, built of red brick. With its upper area of ​​the city

  Transfiguration of the Savior Cathedral – the main character is an Orthodox church in the winery. Its built in the XVIII century by the Italian architect Paolo Fontana, as a

Baptist Church in the winery was founded in 1917. The first service took place April 7, 1917 in one of the premises of the State Bank (now the 19th school),

“Werewolf” – Hitler’s headquarters, located about 8 kilometers from Vinnitsa (Ukraine), in the village of urban type Strizhavka. ​​ ​        ​  ​ “Werewolf” has existed since the spring of 1942

        Pirogov Estate Museum – National Museum, where exhibits telling about the famous surgeon of life, scientist and teacher Nikolai Pirogov. Placed not far from Vinnitsa, which previously was