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Church tomb NI Pirogov




Nicholas church tomb NI Pirogov is part of the National Museum-Estate.

After the death of NI Pirogov (5 December 1881) the scientist’s body was embalmed Petersburg Dr. DI Vyvodtsevym.

For the subsequent conservation of the remains of the deceased, his family crypt was built on specially acquired widow Alexandra Antonovna section of the village cemetery.




First, over the tomb was built a temporary chapel, and shortly AA Pirogov asked the Bishop of Podolsk and Bratslav for permission to build a church over the crypt. Such authorization is received.

In winter 1882 in a solemn ceremony was held temple laying, construction of which was carried out on the project in Kiev Academician VI architecture Sychugova.

The temple was built over the tomb of the scientist in 1885 and consecrated in the honor of St. Nicholas, which is considered one of the greatest and most revered saints.


May 26 will open a unique exhibition “Cinema of the last century”

May 26 at 15.00 in Vinnytsia cinema “Family” presents a unique retro film photo-exhibition “Cinema of the last century.” A similar event in the Vinnytsya be the first time.

“The exhibition anyone can dive to the past century.Who will find out, who to see again the famous film directors and actors who entered the history of cinema. We have prepared a selection of posters and photos of these legendary figures. There will also be represented by equipment used to display movies on film “- says organizer Valentine Pogrebnyak from OKP «Vinnytsyakino».

Fountains the City

May 9 Vinnytsia launched an unusual fountain in the square Constantine Mogila.

“Dry” fountain soon attracted the attention of passersby.

Morning until late evening kids playing in water jets, among which you can walk, ride a bike, scooter, photographed.

Fountain glows different colors. In the evening the area is truly fantastic.

Fountain glows blue, green, red and yellow colors, changing its height.

Last news

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