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Name                                                                                        volume,ml                   price, UA

Milkshakes with ice cream and syrup                                   200/30                         21,00

Milkshakes with ice cream and and chocolate                    200/30                         21,00

Milkshakes with ice cream and and berries                        200/30                         21,00

As in Vinnytsia, the movie about Petlyura was shot

“Attempt on Petlyura” is a historical film with significant events for Ukraine. After all, in 1919 Vinnitsa was the temporary capital of the UPR. And it was at this time in our city Simon Petliura met with Józef Piłsudski. The tape is planned to be assembled before the end of the year, so we are looking forward to the release of the movie to see our native city and our history on wide screens and television.

Kids tour of the city Kotsyubynsky

23 June, citizens and guests of Vinnitsa invited to an artisticevent that will take place in Vinnytsia literature memorialMuseum of Mikhail Kotsyubynsky. Here will present theexhibition bright and manufactured in the original style of thepaintings. They were born in the artist of Coloma LilyThataway inspired by vinnitskii landscapes, and a visit to theMuseum of Kotsyubynsky during the Intermezzo festival in 2015.

Based on the illustration was created book, which isscheduled for publication. In this fairy story is an inspiration, a miracle worker, energetic wizard and master of words. Thanks to the efforts of all four and their friends, a projectcalled “Kids tour of the city Kotsyubynsky” will appear in theform of an exhibition next Friday and clamoring to continue, because can not please the citizens and guests of the city

Last news

On August 1, 2020, the opening of the world’s largest river light and music Fountain will take place, which began operating in an open reservoir on September 4, 2011. The

The new service will be available in Vinnitsa this summer. This is a convenient, environmentally friendly and useful, in terms of medicine, transport. The realization of this project became possible

The exposition contains unique brands from Rostov-on-Don, repaid by the Ukrainian trident, an indication that it was once a Ukrainian territory. The museum is located in the center of the

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