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Water tower

In the square is a symbol Kozitsky Vinnitsa – Water Tower or Tower. Its height is about 28 meters, built of red brick. With its upper area of ​​the city will review at a glance.

The water tower was built in the early 20th century (the walls were completed July 5, 1911) by the decision of the Vinnitsa Duma by architect G. Artynova.


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In the beginning it was constructed to secure water supply Vinnitsa population, but after World War II ceased to be used for its intended purpose.

Its present appearance the tower acquired in the 80 th years of the 20th century.

On the Tower still preserves the clock – chimes, which are now confidently measure time and every hour speak melodious ringing.


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Transfiguration Cathedral


Transfiguration of the Savior Cathedral – the main character is an Orthodox church in the winery. Its built in the XVIII century by the Italian architect Paolo Fontana, as a Dominican church. Since 1839 is the Orthodox Cathedral in Vinnitsa.


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Dominican monks first arrived in the winery back in 1630. Even in spite of the obstacles of the Jesuits, who arrived here earlier and who built a wooden church, the city is not left.

In 1639, Stefan Cherlenkovskim in the winery was founded by the Dominican monastery after the monastery was burned down by the Tatars in his Cherlenkove place. Warden Odrzhyvalsky provided monastery landed property.


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Transfiguration Cathedral was built as a church of the Dominican monastery. Defense, included in Moores fortifications in the Baroque style temple. With the entry into Vinnitsa Cossack Maxim Kryvonos Dominicans fled to neighboring Cherlenkov and only returned to Mura through one hundred and ten years.


Church of Evangelical Christians-Baptists “House of Gospel”

Baptist Church in the winery was founded in 1917. The first service took place April 7, 1917 in one of the premises of the State Bank (now the 19th school), his brother spent Zhadkevich France, which in the future became a presbyter of Vinnitsa Baptist Church.


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After the church changed locations several ministries, the church in 1967 organized its own House of Prayer at the following address: ul. Pugachev, 17, its opening was held on November 10, 1968.

At the end of the 80s the building is not fit everyone and it was decided to build a new building on the street Maksimovic.


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Construction of the new church began in 1990 and officially opened on July 21, 1996.

Among the five Baptist churches in the city, the church “House of the Gospel” is now the biggest – 1,500 members of the Church. The service shall be three pastors: Mazur Ivan Borisovich, Vuzy Vladimir and Anatoly Bonchuk.

Werewolf – Hitler’s headquarters

“Werewolf” – Hitler’s headquarters, located about 8 kilometers from Vinnitsa (Ukraine), in the village of urban type Strizhavka.

​​ ​

IMG_1168       Залишки_ставки_Гітлера_„Вервольф”_05

​  ​

“Werewolf” has existed since the spring of 1942 until the spring of 1944, after all the entrances to the bunker blew up the retreating German troops. But according to some sources, the interior with virtually no hit.

​ ​

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​ ​

“Werewolf” – a kind of complex of several floors, one of them was placed on the surface. Near the bunker had been built walls several meters thick. In tsetre complex has basic facilities, such as the Gestapo, a telephone exchange, a dining room for the main authorities and officers, Pool, 12 houses where generals and senior staff officers lived, Hitler space and two underground bunker.

​ ​

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​ ​

In total, in the territory of the complex had more than 80 ground targets and a few deep concrete bunkers.

​ ​

Museum M. Pirogov

IMG_1314   Садиба_Пирогова   new_1


Pirogov Estate Museum – National Museum, where exhibits telling about the famous surgeon of life, scientist and teacher Nikolai Pirogov. Placed not far from Vinnitsa, which previously was a country estate “Cherry”, which belonged to the NI Pirogov.

The museum complex includes the following facilities:

  • The house where he lived Pirogov, there is an exposition about his life and work
  • Museum of pharmacy, which clearly shows the reception and operating Pirogov
  • Church-necropolis. It is the embalmed body of the scientist (about 1.5 km. From the museum)
  • Memorial Park, which preserved trees planted NI Pirogov


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Hotel “At an hour!”

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Café “Savoy”

A cozy cafe with a banquet hall for 35 people, located on the 2nd floor “Vinnitsa”.

Quiet, attractive atmosphere ideal for business meetings and for a leisurely chat over a cup of coffee.


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